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Prawn Toast - Moist and Perfect - Turned out great! Very moist.. Today I am sharing this Prawn Toast - Moist and Perfect! A quick and easy dinner that is ready in under 35 minutes! Sesame prawn toast is a favourite all over the world. It's so quick an easy to make at home, today I show you how to make it, with my simple recipe. Prawn toast is incredibly easy to make yourself and so delicious it's almost criminal! This recipe for prawn toast is prepped in just ten mins too! To make the prawn mousse, put all the ingredients in the bowl of a food processor and pulse to create a coarse-looking paste.

Prawn Toast - Moist and Perfect Resist the urge to make it Mix the salad herbs and spring onions in a bowl, then dress with the nuoc cham. To serve, top each piece of toast with some yuzu mayonnaise and. A spicy blend of prawns with aromatics spread on bread toasts and shallow fried and served with salad.

You can cook Prawn Toast - Moist and Perfect with 10 Ingredients and 6 steps. See the following guide!

Ingredients for Prawn Toast - Moist and Perfect:

  1. 6 Slices bread.
  2. 150 Gr Deveined Tailless Prawns - fresh if possible but frozen works.
  3. 1 egg.
  4. 1 Chilli.
  5. 2.5 Cm Fresh Ginger (or 2 Tsp puree).
  6. 1 Glove Garlic.
  7. 1 Dash Light Soy Sauce.
  8. 1 Dash Sesame Seed Oil.
  9. Rice Flour - add so mixture not to wet (will need a little more if frozen prawns).
  10. Veg or Sunflower Oil for Frying.

Prawns, prawns and more of prawns. A wide variety of small crustaceans, tiny relatives of the lobster, are known as prawns. Prawn Toast (also known as Shrimp Toast) is a yummy Chinese dim sum dish. Asian flavours and prawns on toast, then coated For it's relatively few ingredients, Prawn toast is big on flavour and it's fairly simple to put together.

Step by step how to cook Prawn Toast - Moist and Perfect:

  1. Chop the prawns, garlic, ginger, onions and chilli and stick the lot in a food processor with the egg, soy and sesame oil. Pulse a few times until you have a lumpy paste (NOT a puree) - add some flour and stir in if too wet. Do not keep pulse or you end up with a runny mess..
  2. Spread the mixture over the bread equally, then Cut across corner to corner to make triangles. I also trim off the crusts (but this is just a waste lol)..
  3. Put sesame seeds into a bowl put prawn mixture side down, into the seeds to stick. Give a little push down to make sure plenty stick..
  4. Heat up the oil and carefully place them in the hot oil, sesame side down. Leave them for about 3 minutes or until golden brown, before carefully flipping them over in the oil for another minute or so to brown the other side. I do about 3 - 4 triangles at a time. Drain on Kitchen paper..
  5. Transfer to a baking sheet in a warm oven if need to keep hot for a few minutes before serving but the faster the better..
  6. Serve with a little honey or sweet chilli sauce..

The one step I never skip is letting the bread sit overnight to really dry out. Prawn toast is a favourite of mine. The crunch of biting through the crisply fried bread base and savouring the juicy prawn topping, truly scrumptious. As much as I adore prawn toast, it really isn't an everyday food, is it?. Being fried in oil, the bread does do its fair share of soaking a bit of that oil up.