Como Cozinhar C's Homemade Iced Tea Smakelijk

C's Homemade Iced Tea - It was delicious !!!!! Easy to make and a crowd pleaser !!!. Today I am sharing this C's Homemade Iced Tea! A quick and easy dinner that is ready in under 15 minutes!

C's Homemade Iced Tea

You can cook C's Homemade Iced Tea with 6 Ingredients and 4 steps. See the following guide!

Ingredients for C's Homemade Iced Tea:

  1. For a 2 1/4 quart jug/pitcher.
  2. 2 cup Boiled water (kettle).
  3. 4 Earl grey or green tea bags - I have also made it using 2 of each kind - it's up to you.
  4. 1 Zest of 1 lemon, finely grated.
  5. 3 tbsp Lemon juice.
  6. 1 cup Sugar or to taste.

Step by step how to cook C's Homemade Iced Tea:

  1. Place tea bags and lemon zest in a large bowl. Pour in boiled water..
  2. Stir in lemon juice and sugar. Let cool..
  3. Once mixture is completely cooled, take out the tea bags and strain the mixture. Pour strained mixture into a jug..
  4. Fill the jug the rest of the way with cold water. Keep finished iced tea in the fridge..