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Cream cheese mashed potatoes - Turned out great! Very moist.. Today I am sharing this Cream cheese mashed potatoes! A quick and easy dinner that is ready in under 40 minutes! Cream cheese makes these mashed potatoes extra rich and creamy. Add cream cheese and use a potato masher to mash potatoes with cream cheese until smooth. Mashed potatoes made with cream cheese, sour cream, and butter. A favorite side dish that can be made ahead of time and reheated just before dinner. Mash potatoes in the pot with a potato masher or fork until smooth.

Cream cheese mashed potatoes Stir in cream cheese, sour cream, butter, green onions, salt, and pepper. When I serve this easy mash, the bowl is always scraped clean. Add potatoes; beat until light and fluffy.

You can cook Cream cheese mashed potatoes with 7 Ingredients and 2 steps. See the following guide!

Ingredients for Cream cheese mashed potatoes:

  1. 12 medium red or gold potatoes.
  2. 8 oz cream cheese.
  3. 1/2-3/4 cup sour cream.
  4. 2 tbsp butter.
  5. 1/2 cup milk.
  6. 2 tsp garlic salt.
  7. 1 salt & pepper to taste.

The flavor of these cream cheese mashed potatoes is downright perfect! No seasonings needed thanks to cooking them in savory chicken broth and creaming them with real butter, cream cheese and half n half. I know… they aren't waistline-friendly but your taste buds will thank you! I just love cream cheese mashed potatoes.

Step by step how to cook Cream cheese mashed potatoes:

  1. Peel and boil potatoes until soft. Mash with fork or masher. Add all ingredients and mix..
  2. Note: You can use a mixer, but don't over mix as this will break the starches down and make potatoes very thick..

I know, not the healthiest, but try telling my taste buds that! You can always find a hot pot of these mashed potatoes on my table during holidays. They are always one of the first side dishes to get devoured! This easy recipe for cream cheese mashed potatoes is a great way to jazz up simple weeknight meals. They're as much a part of Thanksgiving dinner as pecan pie and Uncle Festus.