Nasil Pisirilir Filipino Style Creamy Carbonara Delicios

Filipino Style Creamy Carbonara - . Today I am sharing this Filipino Style Creamy Carbonara! A quick and easy dinner that is ready in under 30 minutes!

Filipino Style Creamy Carbonara

You can cook Filipino Style Creamy Carbonara with 9 Ingredients and 5 steps. See the following guide!

Ingredients for Filipino Style Creamy Carbonara:

  1. 300 grams honey cured bacon sliced into bite size.
  2. 350 grams pasta noodles.
  3. 1 onion minced.
  4. 5 cloves garlic crushed and minced.
  5. 3 tetra box all purpose cream.
  6. 1 sachet of magic sarap.
  7. to taste Salt and pepper.
  8. 1/2 unsalted butter.
  9. 1 teaspoon all purpose flour.

Step by step how to cook Filipino Style Creamy Carbonara:

  1. Cook the pasta. While the pasta is cooking, slice the bacon into tiny bite size, then the onions and garlic..
  2. When the pasta is cooked, drain it then set aside. Melt 1/4 of the butter in a medium saucepan, make sure that the saucepan is hot when you put the butter. Add the sliced bacon then fry it until its golden brown but not too crispy. Remove the bacon from the butter. Do not throw away the butter..
  3. Add the other 1/4 of butter to the saucepan, then put the minced onions and then garlic. Make sure to add the onions first so that the garlic will not burn. When the onions and garlic had caramelized, add the cream. Don't worry if the butter is not incorporating well to the cream just stir slowly and continuosly..
  4. When the butter had already incorported to the cream, add a teaspoon of flour. Stir the cream carefully and make sure that the flour is mixed well the cream which you would notice that the cream will begin to thicken. Add half a teaspoon of salt and pepper. Stir again. Then add the magic sarap and fried bacon. Mix well. Taste then adjust..
  5. When the sauce is cooked, remove it from the fire and set aside to cool slightly then add it to your pasta. Add some cheese or basil leaves. Enjoy! 👍🏽🍝.