肉脞面 BAK CHOR MEE (MINCED MEAT NOODLES) - Easy to do and Very moist even after warming up leftovers the next day!. Today I am sharing this 肉脞面 BAK CHOR MEE (MINCED MEAT NOODLES)! A quick and easy dinner that is ready in under 20 minutes! Bak chor mee or minced pork noodles is a popular lunch or dinner choice in Singapore. Although this bowl of noodles seems rather simple, it has wowed the. Ah Seng Bak Chor Mee. hawkerfood #sghawker #sghawkerfood #sgfood #sglocalfood #sgfoodies #sgfoodie #foodsg #eatoutsg #instafood_sg #sgigfoodies #instafoodsg #tamanjurong #tamanjurongfoodcentre #suntec #foodinsingapore #肉脞面 #minceporknoodles #mincemeatnoodle. In Hokkien, Bak Chor Mee basically means minced meat noodles, the word bak in Hokkien, as I understood it, growing up in Singapore, referred to meat, but particularly, pork. Ask a handful of Singaporean Chinese what their favourite way of eating Bak Chor Mee is, and chances are, you'll get.

肉脞面 BAK CHOR MEE (MINCED MEAT NOODLES) Bak chor mee (肉脞面) literally means "minced meat and noodles" in the Teochew dialect. This was originally a soupy dish consisting of minced pork in Other variations are essentially fish ball/cake noodles with minced pork and no other ingredients. I usually eat the soupy version.

You can cook 肉脞面 BAK CHOR MEE (MINCED MEAT NOODLES) with 12 Ingredients and 10 steps. See the following guide!


  1. 2 - egg noodles.
  2. 2 - eggs.
  3. 200 grams - grounded pork.
  4. 3 pieces - dried shiitake mushrooms.
  5. 4 pieces - pork meatballs.
  6. (A) 1 tablespoon - dark soy sauce).
  7. (A) 1 teaspoon - light soy sauce /OR/ fish sauce.
  8. (A) 1 teaspoon - sugar (I used cane sugar).
  9. (A) 1 piece - Aniseed (optional).
  10. (B) 2 teaspoon - fish sauce.
  11. (B) 1 tablespoon - Black vinegar.
  12. (B) sauce from braising mushrooms.

You can use thin noodles (mee kia) or wide noodles (mee pok) to make bak chor mee. I like mee pok, but if you hand me mee kia, I would inhale them within seconds too. Recipe for Singapore "Bak Chor Mee" aka minced meat noodles (mee kia) with stewed mushrooms and pork. This is a recipe for one of Singapore's most popular and iconic hawker dish - "bak chor mee" aka minced meat noodles (肉脞面).

Step by step how to cook 肉脞面 BAK CHOR MEE (MINCED MEAT NOODLES):

  1. Rehydrate shiitake mushroom by soaking into water until softened. Trim and discard stalks. Using a pair of kitchen scissors, cut the mushrooms as thinly as possible..
  2. Sieved the water that was used to soak mushroom..
  3. In a small pan, pour the water that was used to soak the mushrooms.. Add in grounded pork and seasoning from (A).
  4. Once the grounded pork is about 90% cooked, add in shiitake mushroom to braise together.
  5. Poached egg - I took chilled eggs from refrigerator, place them in pressure cooker.. Fill water until the eggs are covered with water.. Put into pressure Cook under "KEEP WARM" mode for 23mim.
  6. In a separate pot, boil and cook Meatballs.. Scoop up once it's floating (cooked).
  7. Put in seasoning from (B) in a plate (the above seasoning is only for 1 serving of noodle) add in sauce from braising of mushrooms and grounded pork once they are ready (about 2 tablespoon each serving for the noodle).
  8. By then u should be left with dried braised grounded pork and mushroom. Since they are used up for noodles.
  9. Use the same water that was used to cook the Meatballs to cook the noodle. Once the noodles are cooked.. Drained it and toss it into prepared (if you prefer saltier or spicy adjust the sauce accordingly).
  10. Plate, serve and enjoy 😋😋 it doesn't taste like the usual local delight of Singapore bak chor mee that u bought from hawker centre.. But a very home taste which my husband love ❤️.

While I have featured the recipe for fish ball bak chor mee. Seng Kee Mushroom Minced Meat Noodle 胜记香菇肉脞面 (together with Hill Street Tai Hwa in Crawford Lane) are arguably the most famous bak chor mee in Singapore. Lao Jian Cheng Fish Ball Noodle Minced Meat Noodle 老坚成鱼圆面肉脞. Nevertheless, my Bak Chor Mee isn't that bad either, with its own flavour and texture and most importantly, it was an attempt good enough to In addition, it also helps to clear off the minced meat and meat balls, that was leftover from the making of ngoh hiang and steamboat during the CNY. Bak Chor Mee (肉脞面) is a uniquely Singaporean dish that represents our love for pork!