Recepta Herbed Ground Turkey Tuscan Sopa Kostlich

Herbed Ground Turkey Tuscan Sopa - It was delicious !!!!! Easy to make and a crowd pleaser !!!. Today I am sharing this Herbed Ground Turkey Tuscan Sopa! A quick and easy dinner that is ready in under 35 minutes!

Herbed Ground Turkey Tuscan Sopa

You can cook Herbed Ground Turkey Tuscan Sopa with 15 Ingredients and 5 steps. See the following guide!

Ingredients for Herbed Ground Turkey Tuscan Sopa:

  1. 4 oz bacon, diced.
  2. 2 small carrots, peeled and diced.
  3. 2 stick celery, minced.
  4. 2 onions, diced.
  5. 20 oz lean ground turkey.
  6. 2 tbsp Herb de Provence.
  7. 1 tbsp basil.
  8. 2 tbsp chopped parsley.
  9. 2 tsp salt.
  10. 1 tsp ground black pepper.
  11. 2 lb Russet patatoes, peeled and cubed.
  12. 2 lb Yukon Gold potatoes, peeled and cubed.
  13. 4 cup chicken broth.
  14. 1 water, if needed.
  15. 1 can evaporated milk.

Step by step how to cook Herbed Ground Turkey Tuscan Sopa:

  1. Cook bacon in a large pot. When just crisp, drain off half of the grease. And add the onion, celery and carrots. Cook until tender..
  2. Add the turkey, seasoning and herbs. Cook until the meat is done..
  3. Add potatoes(I use the Russets to break down more and the Yukon Gold to stay firm). Cover with chicken broth, if need add water to finish coverage. Cook until the Yukons are tender(the Russets should already be breaking down)..
  4. Strain the juice into another pot. Add 1/4 of the ingredients and the evaporated milk. Blend with a hand emulsion blender..
  5. Return the rest of the ingredients to the emulsified liquid..