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Bhindi_khare_masaly_ki - It turned out very good but i think i could have cooked it a little longer.. Today I am sharing this Bhindi_khare_masaly_ki! A quick and easy dinner that is ready in under 15 minutes! The Bhindi Masala Recipe is a simple and quick recipe that you can make in a jiffy for a weeknight dinner. All you need is Bhindi (Okra/lady's finger), tomatoes and onions and a. Bhindi Masala is a delicious, easy to make vegetable dish. This is a North Indian style recipe with just perfect blend of spices. I trued bhindi today -but my masala and bhindi are not sticking together ;( Overall taste is good-thanks to ur.

Bhindi_khare_masaly_ki Masala Bhindi Recipe, Learn how to make Masala Bhindi (absolutely delicious recipe of Masala Bhindi ingredients and cooking method) About Masala Bhindi Recipe Bhindi Recipe: A delicious, spicy Okra made in a jiffy for a quick meal. Bharwa Bhindi is a popular Indian side dish where the okra (bhindi) is stuffed with a Take one bhindi and stuff it with the prepared masala.

You can cook Bhindi_khare_masaly_ki with 8 Ingredients and 4 steps. See the following guide!

Ingredients for Bhindi_khare_masaly_ki:

  1. 🌶️Bhindi 1/2 kg (kat lein..🌶️1/2lemon juice dal kar mix krden).
  2. 🌶️Piyaz.2 dali (slice krlen).
  3. 🌶️Sabut gol lal mirch 10 (oil me fry kar ke nikal kar hat se tor lein).
  4. 🌶️Leshan ek gathi (cheel kar moty kat lein).
  5. 1 tsp 🌶️Zeera.
  6. 🌶️Namak.
  7. 🌶️Kachi keri 1/2 (bareek kadu kash krlen).
  8. 🌶️Hari mrch 6(katlen).

Repeat with the remaining Okra stuffed with a spicy masala. This famous Indian dish goes well with flat-breads like roti. Bhindi Masala is one recipe that I do often other than aloo bhindi bhujiya and it's goes so well with roti/paratha or poori is big plus point. Bhindi Masala Recipe or bhindi fry- Indian style cooked okra with lot of different spice powders.

Step by step how to cook Bhindi_khare_masaly_ki:

  1. .
  2. .. 🌶️Ek pan me 1/4 cup oil me piyaz dalen brown hone se phly isme. Leshan..zeera. Hari mrch dal kar thora spoon chlaen phr bhindi dalen or nmak crush red mrch dal kar mix karein or flam slw kar ke pkne dein pani ki zroort nahi dhak kar pkane se nami ati he wo hi kaf he.
  3. Agar phr b lagy ke jal jaengi to 2 tbs pani dal dein Jldi gal jati hen bolkul nrm na hojaen...achi trha dry kar ke chulhy se utar lein.
  4. Mazedar bhini khara msala tayar he.....

It is very easy and quick to make semi-dry kind of sabzi. I just gave this dish a name 'Bhindi Masala' because we are going to use lot of malasa (aka spice powders) in. Bhindi Masala - This is a very simple recipe made with bhendi - vendakkai. This okra gravy is a semi-dry preparation and tastes well for roti / chapati. There is this cute little thing that happens when buying bhindi in the Indian market.