Rezept Memons special Dokhria Lecker

Memons special Dokhria - Easy to do and Very moist even after warming up leftovers the next day!. Today I am sharing this Memons special Dokhria! A quick and easy dinner that is ready in under 20 minutes! Great recipe for Memons special Dokhria. #myculturalrecipe. Oill salan me uper Nazar ane lage to chola band Kar de or serve Karein hm memons masale wali masor Dal ki kichri banate he jazakaallah. We make these dishes by our self Its healthy and taste good We take orders to Feel free to message us�. Memon caste was originated in North Western part of ancient India, currently located in Sindh region of modern day Pakistan. The majority of Memon people around the world follow the Hanafi School of thought (Sunni Hanifa sect).

Memons special Dokhria Memon is a "bionic instrument" using technology learned and created from nature which is designed to completely harmonize and re-nature you, your family, your environment, food and water from the harmful effects of mobile phones, DECT wireless phones, WiFi, computer technology, televisions. Le terme Memon, se réfère à une communauté de commerçants musulmans de la partie occidentale de l'Asie du Sud, y compris les memons historiquement associés au Kathiawar. Il peut également se référer aux memons kutchi et aux memons sindhi.

You can cook Memons special Dokhria with 23 Ingredients and 5 steps. See the following guide!

Ingredients for Memons special Dokhria:

  1. Besan 1pauo.
  2. Dahi 1piyali.
  3. 6 Hari Mirche bareek Kati hwi.
  4. 1 chamch lehsan adrek paste.
  5. Haldi 1 chamch.
  6. 1 chamch namak.
  7. Safed zeera Pisa hwa.
  8. Adah chamch.
  9. Hara dhaniya barek Kata hwa.
  10. Adha gillas Pani.
  11. Chutki bhar tatri.
  12. Dhokriya banae ke lye.
  13. Masala banane ke lye.
  14. 1 Bari pyaz.
  15. Lhsan adrek paste 2 chamch.
  16. 1 chamch haldi.
  17. 1 chamch namak.
  18. 1 chamach pisi Lal Mirche.
  19. 2 chamch Pisa dhainya.
  20. 1 piyali dahi.
  21. 1 piyali cooking oill.
  22. 1 chamch qasori methi.
  23. Thora sa hara dhaniya barek Kata hwa.

Leurs descendants parlent la langue memon. Memon possesses a special gift of 'divine sight' - a momentary magical portal to the 'cosmic elements' around him. Memon's Quest presents a unique gameplay unseen in any other games. Владелец Группы! Все вопросы в ЛС! Official website of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Step by step how to cook Memons special Dokhria:

  1. Phle dhokriya bana lete he phle aek barten me dahi Dal KR adha gillas Pani me phent le ge achi tarh phir chole pr rakhe medium flame PR ab is me haldi namak Pisa safed zeera Dale Hari Mirche bareek Kati hwi Hara dhaniya barek Kata hwa qasori methi Dal de phir is me ubal a Jaye to besan ki ahista ahista add Kare or wisk ki madad see chalate Jaye chole ki anch halki ho ab wisk sath chalane see besan apni jaga chor KR simat Jaye ga or aek gola bn Jaye ga ab chola band kr de or is ki musalsal chalye.
  2. Ab eak steel ki prat le us me Thora sa oill laga Kar gric Kar le or mixcher ko pray Par phela de achi tarh set Karein hatho ki madad see jab thanks hone lage to is me kt laga le chote ya bare AP ki choice hamare Ghar me chop pieces passed he me nee chote Kate he.
  3. Ab masala tyar hi aek barten me tell Dale pyaz Kat Kar brown Karein is me lehsan adrek paste Hadi namak Lal Mirche dhaniya pawoder Dal Kar bhunayi Karein khub bhunne lage to dahi add Kar de Thora Pani Dal kar masala bhon le.
  4. Masala bhun Jaye dhokriyaadd Karein or bhunayi Karein aese khano ko achi tarh bhuna jata he khushbo ane lage to is Hara dhaniya barek Kata hwa qasori methi Dal de or half gillas Pani Dal Kar dem Par chor de.
  5. Oill salan me uper Nazar ane lage to chola band Kar de or serve Karein hm memons masale wali masor Dal ki kichri banate he jazakaallah dosto.

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