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Fondant icing - Easy to do and Very moist even after warming up leftovers the next day!. Today I am sharing this Fondant icing! A quick and easy dinner that is ready in under 45 minutes! Learn How to Make Rolled Fondant for easy cake decorating as part of my Bold Baking Basics. With my easy fondant recipe, even make homemade sprinkles! Poured fondant, or fondant icing, is a sweet, creamy paste that can be used as a filling or icing for pastries such as ├ęclairs and Napoleons. Poured fondant can be made from simply combining sugar. Fondant icing is made from sugar, water and cream of tartar or liquid glucose, which are boiled together until the syrup reaches what is called soft ball stage (when a.

Fondant icing Marshmallow Fondant Icing - To many folks, even the pros, covering a cake in fondant icing is scary and avoided at all costs. It has a beautiful satin like finish that is desired by many Brides. Fondant icing is also know as plastic icing and sugarpaste or sugar paste.

You can cook Fondant icing with 7 Ingredients and 6 steps. See the following guide!

Ingredients for Fondant icing:

  1. 1 kg icing sugar.
  2. 1 tblspn gelatin.
  3. 1 tblspn CMC.
  4. 1 tblspn Glucose.
  5. 1 tblspn glycerine.
  6. Crisco.
  7. Water.

This fondant recipe can be used for cake decorating and fondant flowers or anything else that needs fondant. Difference Between Royal Icing and Fondant. Fondant is sweet and melts in the mouth. It is also used in candies, where it acts like the center base on which different toppings are poured to make candy.

Step by step how to cook Fondant icing:

  1. Sift icing sugar in a clean bowl.
  2. Pour small quantity of water in a bowl plate, add gelatin stir till its completely dissolved..
  3. Add glucose stir till its completely dissolved too..
  4. To the sifted icing sugar add CMC and mix evenly, create a well in the middle of the icing sugar, gradually pour the gelatin and glucose mixture while mixing..
  5. Work the icing thoroughly to make sure there is lump, drop the icing sugar on a clean flat surface sprinkle some icing sugar and kneed..
  6. Prepare your cake board and cake for covering. Add desired color to your fondant and cover cake..

You can add a few drops or. To make candies from leftover fondant, pour it by the teaspoonful onto parchment-lined or lightly greased baking sheets, or into lightly greased candy. A fondant icing recipe and a rolled fondant recipe. The two are quite different and used for different purposes. Fondant icing is used to glaze petit four frais.