Yemek Tarifi Pizza bread with shami kabab Lezzetli

Pizza bread with shami kabab - It was delicious !!!!! Easy to make and a crowd pleaser !!!. Today I am sharing this Pizza bread with shami kabab! A quick and easy dinner that is ready in under 20 minutes! Try this Amazing Stuffed Bread Recipe & learn how to make your Stuffed Bread (With Shami Kabab) recipe in simple quick and easy steps all at the convenience. For Ramadan Special, Chicken Bread, Shami Kabab, Allu Wala Naan & Square Spicy Pizza By EAT IT. #EATIT Video By Hamid Creations: Subscribe. Learn how to make Chicken Shami Kabab homemade. Try this easy, tasty, reshay daar kebab recipe. A delicious mixture of chicken fibers, ground chickpeas and.

Pizza bread with shami kabab Shami kebabs are succulent minced chicken/lamb with chana dal with spicy masala filling inside and crispy fried on the outside. Perfect for a dinner party during winters, it can be served with coriander or mint chutney,. This Chicken Shami Kebab recipe is Excellent and find more Great recipes, tried.

You can cook Pizza bread with shami kabab with 20 Ingredients and 5 steps. See the following guide!

Ingredients for Pizza bread with shami kabab:

  1. Dou banane ke lye.
  2. 1 chmach namak.
  3. 2 cup Maida.
  4. 1 chmach khameer.
  5. 2 cumch oill.
  6. 1 pauo gosht beef ka choti botia.
  7. Neem garem Pani ghobhne ke lye cheni 1 chamch.
  8. Shami kabab ke lye.
  9. Derh cup chane ki Dal.
  10. 1 chmach kutti Lal Mirche.
  11. 1 chmach haldi.
  12. 1 chmach namak.
  13. 4 Hari Mirche.
  14. Bareek Kati hwi Hara dhaniya.
  15. Adha chamch mota kuta dhanya.
  16. 2 cumch lehsan adrek paste.
  17. Adhi Chamch Kali Mirche.
  18. 1 boill egg.
  19. 1 anda phent le.
  20. 1 choti pyaz chop ki hwi.

A quick and easy Chicken Shami kabab Recipe for your pre ramzan preparation. Food Fusion is making Chicken Shami Kababs with Tux. Lahori Shami Kebab لاہوری شامی کباب - An easy and different way to cook. Chef Zakir brought for you a special style of shami kebabs that are served with Home of Pakistani Recipes and Indian Recipes, food and cooking videos for Chicken Shami Kabab recipes in urdu

Step by step how to cook Pizza bread with shami kabab:

  1. Pehle mede me khameer namak oill or cheeni Dal Kar neem garem Pani see ata ghoundh le or 4 ghante ke lye chor de.
  2. Ab shami kabab ki tayari Karein chane ki Dal 2 ghante ke lye bhigho de.
  3. Ab Dal me 2 gillas Pani Dale or gosht ki choti botia namak haldi Lal Mirche lehsan adrek paste kuta dhanya Hari Mirche bareek Kati hwi Hara dhaniya SB Dal Kar cooker me Dal de 10 minute cooker chalye Pani khushk hi Jaye to masale ko thanda hone ke lye rakh de kuch der baad chopper me Chala le or phir is masale me chop ki hwi pyaz phenta he's anda Dal Kar mix Karein or tikkiya bana le or shello fry kar le.
  4. Ab ate he pizza with shami kabab ki assembling par ate ko set Kar ke roti ki tarh bell le or pehle boil egg Kat Kar lagaye phir fold Karein shami kabab rakhe cheder Chee's Dale or fold Karein phir achi tarh set Karein or upper ande ko brush ki madad see lagaye Hara dhaniya lagaye or oill brush ki madad see halka said laga le or 10 minute ke lye beck Karein.
  5. 10 minute ke baad nikal Kar garem chai ke sath serve Karein sath me chutney raite ke sath serve Karein.

Beef shami kabab By Meerab's kitchen. Special Shami Kabab is prepared with Beef, Potatoes and Chana Daal, coated with Bread Crumbs and served with Ketchup or Sauce. Shami Kabab Urdu Recipe, Step by step instructions of the recipe in Urdu and English, easy ingredients, calories, preparation time, serving and videos in Urdu cooking. The recipie is listed in Kebab, liver, Kofta aur Tikka. Now, let's assemble a chip butty, starting with buttered thick crusty bread.